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Property Maintenance

Many property owners seek our help when readying their homes for the warm weather each year. Macon landscaping offers spring maintenance services ranging from sod installations and hydroseeding to irrigation system maintenance and winterizations.

Our sod installations are fairly simple. You tell us a time and date and we send a truck to your home with all of the sod you need to cover your yard. You can install it yourself or arrange for one of our contractors to provide you with a professional installation. We’ll cut the sod to the exact dimensions of your yard before laying it out and watering it. You’ll continue to water it twice a day for a month or so to ensure that the roots take hold and it grows into a thick, beautiful, luscious lawn!

Other clients with larger lawns will call us to schedule routine landscaping services; typically opting to start weekly mowing schedules. Depending on what kinds of vegetation you have on your property, we can also trim hedges and provide tree maintenance services if any of your trees need to be cleaned up. Dead limbs and low hanging branches can weigh a tree down and cause permanent damage over time.

Call today with any question about our property maintenance services and we’ll help you schedule a day for us to come to your home and help with any and all of your landscaping needs!